Family and Community Programs

Uniting Communities,
Fostering Growth

Community Lunch

Thursdays, 11:30AM-12:30PM

A place for the community to come together, share a meal, and make new connections. Check our social media for this week’s menu. Volunteers are always needed and welcome to join, please see our Volunteer Application for more details.

Abbottsfield Recreation Centre, 3006-119 Avenue, Edmonton

Baby & Me

Parents/Caregivers and Infants 0-12 Months
Gather in a supportive environment to share stories, sing songs, learn about nutrition and child development, and engage in positive play experiences with baby and other families! Get access to referrals to medical professionals, and other support.
Abbottsfield Recreation Centre, 3006-119 Avenue, Edmonton

Crawlers & Cruisers

Parents/Caregivers and Kids 0-3 Years
Connect with other families by participating in field trips, rhyme time, guest presentations, music classes, and more! In this program, we focus on literacy, active living, and developmental play. Families get an opportunity to socialize, share strategies, and gain new information while their infants and toddlers play and explore.
Abbottsfield Recreation Centre, 3006-119 Avenue, Edmonton

Family Playtime

Parents/Caregivers and Kids 2-4 Years
Join other parents/ caregivers and their kids in a fun environment! Here, we’ll learn and enhance your child’s development through sensory, motor, and social-emotional play.
CANDORA, 3210-118 Avenue, Edmonton

Stay & Play

Wednesdays, 10AM- 12PM
Join other families in the community for this FREE drop-in program. Parents/guardians and children will explore new activities, sing songs, read stories, burn off some energy, and meet new people.
Beverly Daycare Society & Family Resource Centre, 11005 34 Street, Edmonton

Neurodivergent Parenting Coffee Chat

Parents/Caregivers of Neurodivergent Children
Join parents and guardians who care for neurodivergent children for a 8-week group where we will explore common challenges, make connections, learn tools for engagement, celebrate successes, provide peer support, educate and advocate. Neurodivergencies may include but are not limited to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
CANDORA, 3210-118 Avenue, Edmonton or Virtually

Health For Two

Drop In: Wednesdays, 1PM-3PM

This program provides support throughout pregnancy and up to two months postpartum. Connect with community supports, learn more about pregnancy and birth, discover tools for baby care and parenting, and receive grocery coupons and prenatal vitamins.
CANDORA, 3210-118 Avenue, Edmonton

Parent/Caregiver Programs

Parents and Caregivers

CANDORA provides a variety of healthy learning programs for parents and caregivers of children of varying ages. These offerings often include Nobody’s Perfect, Triple P Parenting, and Circle of Security Parenting.

CANDORA, 3210-118 Avenue, Edmonton

Sewing Class

Women 18+
All skill levels are welcome to our sewing class where you can learn how to sew your own clothing and creations!
CANDORA, 3210-118 Avenue, Edmonton


All Are Welcome
During yoga class, we support your journey to a healthy lifestyle, greater mental health, and well-being. The complexity of sessions depends on the participants’ fitness level.
Abbottsfield Recreation Centre, 3006- 119 Avenue, Edmonton

Home Alone Courses

Kids 10+ (before the year ends)
Help your child gain the confidence to feel safe and comfortable when it’s time for them to be left unsupervised. During this half-day course, they will learn all about and prepare for basic safety concerns. Snacks included.
CANDORA, 3210-118 Avenue, Edmonton

Babysitting Courses

Kids 12+ (before the year ends)
Children will learn what it takes to be a successful babysitter and get their certification. Courses are a full day commitment, lunch is included.
CANDORA, 3210-118 Avenue, Edmonton

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